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Last night someone stopped me in the Whitesprings Station and gave me a full set of excavator PA with unyielding mods. I was very confused but got into the PA; they gave me a thumbs up and moved on. I jumped for joy in the game, gave them the heart emoji, and then burst into tears IRL. What an amazing gesture. I had already seen, experienced, and been so happy with so many helpful people in the game. It's why I love FO76 so much. But this was above and beyond and really moving for me.

A little backstory: my husband died last year after a two year battle with a glioblastoma (during the first two years of the pandemic, as if we needed more complications). I was lost and bereft and turned to FO4 to keep me and my mind occupied. I was many years into that game and realized I needed something new to challenge me so tried FO76. I'm about 800 hours in now and almost to level 100. I've been grinding recently to try and get the backpack from the Pioneer Scout quest. I finally joined FO1st but even that wasn't going to make it easier or much quicker. I resolved to just take it a day at a time and do what I could every day. I knew a good set of PA would be helpful but what I really need is a good weapon. I've been watching vids on YT and learning I need a lot of plans to craft these which mean more grinding.

I should mention I'd already built my own excavator PA but lost it in a glitch recently, so I was getting a little frustrated gathering and trying to build a good set of PA only to lose it. :(

Then the masked player gave me the Unyielding Excavator PA. Wow. SO much thanks and I'm so sorry I'm not better at catching player names (some of you have names (e.g. ICU672389) that are not easy to read/remember). You know who you are and I just wanted to shout out to you on the public forums in case you're here and see the message. THANK YOU! You made this old lady's day!
Taskmistress ;)
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