Where have all the good guys gone?

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Where have all the good guys gone?

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Just started new character after a long hiatus and have found that in general the higher levellers (90+) are not so friendly now. The really big guys (level 200+) are still great but bloody hard to find. I remember the big guys always helping out low levellers. I did it myself with my high level character loads of times. It had a community spirit that seems to be gone. The amount of times I have been shot at by other players is daft. I know that it doesn’t cause much damage (pacifist mode is on always) but it is a pain when I’m trying to fix weapons or armour or even cooking food to have someone shoot shoot shoot at me. Or worse when they try melee and keep getting in the way.
When I first started it was worse I admit but after pacifist mode came in there was much more camaraderie and it was fun to play.
I hope the good times come back soon
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Re: Where have all the good guys gone?

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ciao, ho letto il tuo messaggio e condivido, anch'io quando gioco in squadra cerco sempre di aiutare i compagni nuovi regalando armi o il necessario per agevolarli in qualche modo, ogni tanto mi fanno la festa (sono di liv. 330) ma ci sta è
il gioco. Gioco su pc. sono frengola3.
A presto ciao
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