Weapon advice needed!

Just starting out, so this is the "catch all" for anything Fallout 76 related that doesn't get a forum section of its own. Feel free to suggest new sections, etc. We'll figure this out as we go.
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Weapon advice needed!

Post by Jamesphilly17 »

Hey guys,

I'm pretty new to FO76, having only played FO4 previously. I'm currently Level 42, and I'm a bit stuck with what weapon to go with. I like using Power Armour so I tend to use heavy guns, anything else looks puny in the hands of a dude in massive Power Armour! I've recently been using the Gatling Laser which I'm enjoying (and it looks cool) - but I've seen some mention of it not being that great an option so I don't want to invest in mods etc if it's less viable long term. There doesn't seem to be a consensus best option from what I can tell by googling etc, so was after some advice, help appreciated!
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Re: Weapon advice needed!

Post by RIPP1138 »

welcome to the site btw!

Heavy weapons its all about the DPS, damage per second. I have an vampires ultracite gat laser, and I honestly don't use it any more now that I have a few other decent vampire weapons, mainly my gat plasma, and when I'm doing my commando build, my gat 10mm smg...

... something like an explosive .50, or a gat plasma would be better than the gat laser tbh. All you can do is compare the damage x fire rate to give you an estimated DPS. Figure in reload times as well. So a quad will not require reloading as often.

steer clear of Instigating, or other leg. effects that only affect the first (or last) shot. For a heavy or repeating weapon its useless. Go with a Furious instead.

For now just run it until you find something better. That's all you can really do anyway. Good Luck!
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Re: Weapon advice needed!

Post by B41T »

First day here, long time player.

The highest possible legitimate DPS for a heavy weapon (tested and documented on youtube by AngryTurtle) is the flamer. Specifically a 2 (or 3 star) Bloodied Flamer. The first star being bloodied (obviously). The second star attribute you would be looking for is 25% faster fire rate. The third star doesn't matter as much, but 90% reduced weight is always nice. Of couse this would require you to play a bloodied PA build to take advantage of it. When set up correctly, this thing MELTS everything.

The mods you would want to put on it are as follows:
Huge tank
Long barrel
Vaporization nozzel

Unfortunately, the vaporization nozzel suffers from a bug that gives it a crippling issue with range. Anytime you log on or swap to a different server, you would need to go to a weapon bench and change the long barrel to a short barrel and then back again. This fixes the flamer for the session.
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