What Will Fallout 76 2.0 Look Like?

Just starting out, so this is the "catch all" for anything Fallout 76 related that doesn't get a forum section of its own. Feel free to suggest new sections, etc. We'll figure this out as we go.
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What Will Fallout 76 2.0 Look Like?

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So continuing from another thread talking about when we might see Fallout 76 start to get retired...

...what might a Fallout 76 "2.0" look like? Obviously its not going to be called that, but I can see BGS releasing a successor at some point. Here are my thoughts:

- Needs to somehow give players the option to "Carry over" characters and even possibly gear to the new world. This means levels, traits, everything. Yeah its problematic, but if we're actually gonna continue the journey and not just wipe the slate clean then it should do this. Not even sure how that would work.
- But at the same time, if we want to "start over" that should be an option, too.
- "Next gen" consoles will be the target dev platform. and you PC guys sure whatever. Your target is always changing so whatever.
- Needs to address the shortcomings and outright failures of FO76. PvP, duping/bugs, policing of toxic players (which isn't that big an issue but it is one.) and more.

How does BGS make a sequel that's bigger, better, more fun, more challenging, etc. and still not get shit on by the majority of gamers out there. I mean, no matter what, you're gonna have a significant section of "gamers" who feel their job is to crap on literally everything. But that should be minimized if possible.

What are your thoughts on what the next version of this, assuming it happens, will look like?
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