Welcome to Fallout76Forum.com! RULES

Just starting out, so this is the "catch all" for anything Fallout 76 related that doesn't get a forum section of its own. Feel free to suggest new sections, etc. We'll figure this out as we go.
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Welcome to Fallout76Forum.com! RULES

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Hey everyone, your friendly neighborhood admin here, Ripp1138. Thanks for stopping by and checking out the site, hope you'll register and talk about Fallout76 until those damn 3 cows finally come home in one piece.

You'll probably notice a lack of different forums at the moment, I literally just spun up the site, so I haven't decided what the structure will be yet. It will take shape, and I'm open to suggestions.

But first, THE RULES. This list is not all-inclusive, so if I see someone doing something I don't think should be here, I'll figure out what to do about it. This is an "including but not limited to" type of deal....
  • NO illegal stuff. warez, porn (of any kind), hacking, fraud, etc. none, zero, zip.
  • NO SPAM. Spammers are the worst people in existence and I will ban you with extreme prejudice.
  • NO POLITICS. Can't stress this enough. We're here to talk Fallout76, not solve global conspiracies. Save it.
  • NO RELIGION. Save your preaching for someplace else.
  • NO HATE SPEECH. Of any kind. As the admin I get to decide what qualifies and doesn't, not you. This applies to other rules as well.
  • Don't be a jerk. We're here because we love Fallout 76 and want to see it continued and supported well into the future. Don't be a jerk.
  • Save the drama. Trolls not welcome. If you're here solely to stir the pot, just don't.
If you see anyone at all breaking the rules, use the report post function to let me know.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.
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